A new aluminium system, introducing high quality, classical and elegantly designed profiles, as timeless, as the Italian region it is named after, but with the added benefit of a modern selection of colours and features.

The profile flexibility extends to the introduction of colour matched mid-rails. This allows for the choice of safety backed mirror or coloured and frosted glass, wood panels or in a variation, creating an individually designed set of sliding doors.

The vertical profile design has an installed brush pile to allow for reduced impact closing, with the option of installing a rear internal brush pile, to reduce the build up of air- born dust from entering the interior.

Further features extend to the colour matched tracks, up to 6.00mm in length, with the
bottom track having the inclusion of a colour matched track cover, to give that subtle finished appearance.

The durability and smooth operations of the system, are achieved by the use of twin rubber roller top guides and high performance, fully adjustable and safety locked bottom rollers, each capable of handling over 50kg in weight to insure a long product life span.

With the doors installed into the head and low profile bottom track, with its anti-jump operational design, the system is smooth, quiet and safe in operation, to give the very best in satisfaction and ownership.

For the prices of our Tuscany Range, please contact our office.